Welcome to our website! Thank you so much for your interest with our works. We are architecture design office in Japan, Minato word in Tokyo since 1999. Making architecture is about facing the characteristics of the place, people’s lives, past and future. Through communication, it is important to bring our dreams of life and important things into concrete form. Through the process of architecture, I would like to be a partner who cuddles up to the owner and walks together toward the dream of the future. In addition, we aim to reduce the impact on the local environment by reducing energy consumption and the sustainable future. Through architecture, we will think about what we can do to connect people, nurture towns, and reduce the burden, and make it a concrete space.

Architectural features


Our office specializes in architectural design that is close to human life, such as housing, apartment complexes, welfare facilities, and public facilities. Our specialty is to realize architectural design with various scale and structure characteristics while controlling costs. We also welcome your consultation on the characteristics, budget and area of the building. Along with our design consultancy work as a communication tool, we propose architectural spaces, functions, and designs based on the following concepts.

Connect with nature

By reading the characteristics of the land, the light and wind of the place, we create an architecture that makes the most of the power of nature. We will actively design bright and airy interior spaces, interior and exterior, and intermediate areas such as dirt floors and terraces. While designing sections and arrangements that incorporate light and wind, we pursue an architectural style that creates a rich relationship with nature in our lives. We aim to create a space that contributes to the health and happiness of life by feeling the air flow and the fluctuations of nature.

Connecting people

We design a space that connects people comfortably. While maintaining mutual independence, I would like to design a space where I feel comfortable connecting with each other, creating a three-dimensional relationship, moderately connecting with the outside world, and living together in multiple households. And I would like to build an architecture that contributes to the happiness of people by nurturing the city through the facilities where I can feel the connection between architecture and the city.

Connecting from the past
to the future

I believe that it is important for a person’s health and happiness to cherish the memory of the place where the architecture stands. I believe that a sustainable future comes from discovering the resources of a place in the symbiosis of the natural environment, with diverse lives, and continuity from the past. For a sustainable future, I would like to think about and create architectural designs that value human memory through the cycle of renewable energy and community resources.